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Brodies LLP - Infrastructure

We would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete this short, anonymous survey to help us identify infrastructure considerations across Scotland.
1. What is your business / organisation?
2. What Scottish infrastructure sub-sectors are you / have you been involved with?
4. Which sub-sectors are these projects within?
5. Please select the most significant barrier to your becoming involved in or procuring Scottish infrastructure projects over the past three years.
6. Please select the likely most significant barrier to your becoming involved in or procuring Scottish infrastructure projects in the next three years.
7. What Scottish Government action would have the most positive impact on the Infrastructure sector in Scotland?
8. What is going to be the most important trend we will see in the Infrastructure sector in Scotland over the next three years?
9. Are you expecting to sell any Scottish Infrastructure assets that you may own in the next three years or (for new assets) within three years of build completion?
10. How best should the UK's National Infrastructure Commission operate in Scotland?
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